Coming Out Series

Coming out is a process for most people, myself included. I tried to write about it and realized that to do so in one post would be possible but not ideal. For me, it was an evolution. A collection of starts, stops, and pauses. I will write it as such.

Part I: Self-Awareness


It started with Daphne.  She wasn’t the smartest girl but she seemed so capable and nice and pretty. And, I didn’t like Velma (she was too much like me), so Daphne shone even brighter. She is the source of my weakness for redheads, which was solidified when Jessica Rabbit made her first infamous appearance on the stage in Roger RabbitRead more >

Part II: Otherness


As a kid, I never really felt like I belonged anywhere. Not among my family, community, or friends. There were many, many reasons for the feelings of displacement-  my attraction to girls was just another brick in that wall. And, to be fair, it was only one, medium-sized brick. However, I think that my feelings of ‘otherness’ contributed to my decision to keep my lesbolicious feelings to myself. Read more >

Part III: Investigation


I attended college at a little hippie school with just over 2,000 students. By the beginning of my sophomore year, I had decided that I wanted to attempt to date a girl and had scoped out the 20 or so chicks I knew who advertised their girl-on-girl persuasions. It was clear that each person was either too good for me (Morgan Hersill), not good enough, or attached. The choice was easy: I would go online. Read more >

Part IV: Words

Hand of a child opening a cupboard door

Talking is kind of my thing. I have quite the big mouth and my life story is available for anyone who dares to ask about it. I am also terrible at keeping all but the most important secrets. The fact that it took me almost fifteen years to tell another soul that I am attracted to women astonishes me. Read more >

Part V: Home


By the time I was ready to go back to my hometown and tell my longtime friends and my family, there were probably a hundred people at school who knew that I am not straight. That didn’t make telling my VIP’s any easier though. It’s different each time. Read more >

Part VI: Family

familyaWhen I was 19 and still in the closet, there were seven of us. That is to say, there were six very important people standing between me and my coming out party.
Read more >

Part VII: Lessons

daughter-sewing-with-motherMy mom is a pretty amazing person who has taught me a lot of very important things in life. One of those is that we should always try to treat people fairly. Race, religion, and sexuality (et cetera) are not indicators of someone’s worth, morality, or ability to be a good person. She was essentially going on about just this very thing on the day that I came out to her.
Read more >

Part VIII: Feels Like the First Time

Woman s Hand Squeezing Bed Sheet

She had a way of obliterating all of the thoughts running through my head. She seemed to always know if she didn’t have my undivided attention and found some pretty creative ways of making sure that she got that attention back.
Read more >

Part IX: Romance

So I started to flirt with her. It was pretty innocent really. Subconscious. Sort of like when a little kid meets someone new and wants to be liked. I blushed a lot and glanced at her constantly to see if she was paying attention. She definitely was and it made me even more bashful. The alcohol, dimly lit room, and loud music seemed surreal because I was concentrating so hard on her.
Read more >


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