Alive and Kickin’

So…it’s been two years.

I started writing this blog in July of 2013 and spent four months trying to find my voice and tell stories and craft the wittiest lines. Then, life and other things happened.

I hope that anyone who was waiting for the next installment of my Coming Out series will forgive me for the abrupt silence. First, I was just a little burnt out on blogging, then I lost my job, got a new job, got married, traveled a bit, bought and sold houses, moved halfway across the country, and got yet another new job.

Today I was randomly trying to find a video of my cat fetching green beans (no joke) and remembered that I had once uploaded it on this site. Then I spent the last hour reading my posts and feeling guilty. I didn’t intend to drop this and feel like I let myself down a bit.

So, I’m back. If you once read this blog regularly and are still interested, my next post will be up in a day or two. If you’re new, welcome and stay tuned.


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