To a Horrible Human Being

So proud of my girl. Go get her, sweetheart.

Baboon Camp

Dear Melissa Bachman,

The internet has been ablaze this week with the “disgusted” and “enraged” response to your tweet about killing a male lion while traveling in South Africa. Ordinarily, I’d be wary of joining in an internet-based witch hunt, but not in this case. Having spent the majority of my life with biologists, naturalists and conservationists like the acclaimed Jouberts (whom Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera quotes as saying that “hunting a lion is the most cowardly thing you can do” (wise words)), I can’t help but point out a few details from your disgusting photo:

1. It’s daylight. Lions sleep during the day. You shot a sleeping lion? Courage, indeed.

2. Again, as Matt points out, and as anyone who has toured in Southern Africa also knows, visitors aren’t allowed on foot. If you were really within “60 yards” of a lion, you were being driven there. In car. By…

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