A Happy Thought

Sick kitty :(

Sick kitty 😦

We’ve had a pretty hard time of it lately. After the party from hell last week, my partner and I realized that little man was sick, which resulted in a $1,500 vet bill, some major routine changes, and a lot of stress. This is also awesome since I am poor and Caroline is currently furloughed (as in, not getting paid) due to the suckfest that is our federal government.

To top it off, I caught a cold and became unbearably whiny.

So, yesterday I decided to use the power of my illness to negotiate a little bit of decadence: I talked Caroline into taking one more night away from of our diet (the last two weeks were already off the books due to stress, leftover BBQ, and extra booze in the house).

We ended up going to a small grocery store and having one of those wonderful moments where you stand there, sans list, saying, “if I could eat anything here for dinner, what would it be?”

This was actually hard for us. With so many choices, the store was overwhelming and nothing felt right. We’ve ruined our ability to unthinkingly pick up the shiniest item and go with it because, as responsible, frugal adults, we never get to have this kind of moment. We religiously plan, shop for grocery sales, and figure out ways to stretch a roast chicken into four different meals. But, last night everything was different. In the end, we scored a small victory against healthfulness and, after the store, we found ourselves on the couch at 7:30 with beer, pasta, and sausage.

lately 021

Yummy food that looks like what I ate last night.

I made boxed mac and cheese (mac and cheeeeese!) with Italian sausage and broccoli on it for myself and made her capellini marinara with andouille and broccoli. (The broccoli part was all her fault idea.)

This may sound silly depending on your nutritional habits but we don’t eat this sort of stuff. Ever. And, honestly, my dinner wasn’t very tasty because the sausage was kind of ick and broccoli is broccoli. But, it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve eaten the mac and cheese with the little foil pouch of yum and having a taste was like hugging an old friend.

It was magical. The house was clean (the upside to having a bored Fed at home). The pets are now healthy, happy, and back to their usual antics. There were pre-downloaded Amazing Race reruns because Caroline has just discovered the show and is obsessed. And, we had this awesome grad school-style dinner loaded with fat and carbs. There we were: just two chicks on the couch, madly in love, with nothing to do. We didn’t move all night except to load the next episode, pour another drink, throw a toy for the dog, and make out. I haven’t laughed so much in weeks. [Insert happy sigh here.]

I’ve written before about what a hard year it’s been. Part of my desire to write at all is because this is cheaper than therapy and I need a bit of release right now. But, it’s these sorts of moments that make everything truly okay in our world. Every time something bad or stressful happens to me, I hang out with Caroline and our little monsters in our cozy POS house and, somehow things get better.

I don’t know about you, but, this is my American dream. I hope you found a silly, happy moment this week, too.

Even my hand is happy. :)

Even my little hand family is happy. 🙂


3 responses to “A Happy Thought

  1. Awesome, thanks for writing! I can truly relate to standing there in the store and not knowing what to grab after so many years of forced frugalness. Not that anything’s wrong with frugal, but sometimes you just have to let it go and have some fun. I find it hard to let go of the stress from those extra pennies (well, dollars) spent compared to where else the money can/needs to go. I’m happy you were able to have such a night. 🙂

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