Post-Pressed Depression

Dear Reader,

It hasn’t taken very long to get addicted to blogging.

In my very first post, Getting Started, which was written a whopping three weeks ago, I mentioned that I was really just curious to see if people would want to read the things that I want to write. Turns out that they do! You do! Which is fabulous, by the way.

Less than two weeks after my first post, the WordPress staff bestowed the honor of being Freshly Press upon me for Engagement Conundrum: Picking a New Last Name. I was so excited I even took a screenshot:

Freshly Pressed

The FP was great. It made me excited to write and it put me in touch with most of you lovely people. I’m extremely appreciative of the feedback and very gratified by the interest.

But, now I’m both spoiled and confused. I can’t stop checking my stats, I have several posts in my queue that I’m nervous to publish in case they aren’t as interesting as my others, and I feel like I can’t stray too far from the gay theme because I know that that’s what drew you to me in the first place.

I’m not complaining. Writing in this forum really has been great for me, and the FP was quite an honor. I just think that it may have happened too soon. I received publicity before I figured out what I wanted my blog to be, before I had cache of things for people to read. Three weeks ago, I was by myself, dancing in front of a mirror. Now, I’m performing in a recital, without any dance lessons.

I hereby throw myself on the mercy of my readers! Answer a question for me? If this works well, I’ll continue to crowd-source from time to time, because polls are fun.

Thank you for your help!




6 responses to “Post-Pressed Depression

  1. Write from your heart and soul. That will be your best work. Do not let others tell you what to write. Writing comes from within and is a way of expressing yourself.

    • Thank you very much. I needed to hear that. I was always good in english classes in high school, became a biology major then a psych major in college, went to law school for a bit and then went into marketing. I’ve written in many diverse, often mutually exclusive, styles but this is the first time that I’ve ever written anything creative that sounded like me. It’s nice to hear that people like the way I write.

  2. The reason I wanted to read your blog was because you were being, well, you. And yeah, okay, maybe as a fellow lady-lover I identified with what you were writing, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not equally as interested in your posts about pets, or the house you’re fixing up, or your favourite ice cream. And holy crap, I just realized that that sounded incredibly voyeuristic. Creepiness aside, though, this is your blog. Your space. And the people you want to read it should be the ones who appreciate your voice as it is.

    • Thanks so much! It’s been great to see that there are people who read and comment on most of my posts and it’s nice to know that people have more than a one-off interest. I plan to continue to post what I want but will have lgbt threads that tie much of it together. I’m not really sure how people have enough material about any one topic to post every few days- that part was sort of exhausting.

      PS- I like vanilla. It’s boring but it’s my flavor. 😉

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