Coming Out Does Get Better

I can’t tell if I have found a theme for this blog or if I just feel very queer lately.

Regardless, I had a gay moment last night and it got me thinking. First: a confession.  America’s Got Talent is on our guilty pleasure watch list.

There. I said it.

Moving on, I was watching AGT last night and there was another performance by Jonathan Allen, a 20-year old gay opera singer from Tennessee. Besides being an amazing singer and adorable to boot, Jonathan is now probably best known for his heart wrenching personal story. This poor kid was kicked out of his parents home on his 18th birthday, just for being gay.

Every time Jonathan gets any sort of positive feedback from the judges on AGT, he looks so startled and disbelieving and you can just tell that this kid has had his sense of self worth rocked more than once. Last night, his cute little baby face made me tear up and think about all the other people I know who’ve been hurt by loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers who dislike the idea of being gay.

My personal experiences with coming out and living as an out queer woman have been incredibly positive. [In writing that, I just remembered that someone spat at me once years ago while I was walking hand in hand with a girl. That’s about the worst of it for me.] However, I have been endlessly affected by the hate and disdain that has been rained down on other people within my little gay circle. I know people who’ve been disinherited, disowned, kicked out, beaten up. In comparison, I’m a very lucky girl.

Last night, I really wanted to hug that kid and tell him that he doesn’t know it yet but, he’s lucky, too. Our generation has and will continue to see major improvements in the way that people think about this topic.

Just think, Jonathan: By now, after your stint on AGT, everyone you know must now be aware that you’re gay. They’ll have their reactions and get over themselves or not. But, from now on, you’ll be able to tell people one at a time, on your own terms, before you truly care what they think. And, you have the power to make it so that people who dislike you for whom you choose to love can walk right back out of your life, just like they walked in. It’s much less of a hassle to cut ties with someone new in your life, then someone whom you’ve loved, liked, or respected.

Until things are perfect, and as long as I can, I’ll continue to share positive stories from my life to let people like Jonathan know that it gets better and that life and love can be amazing. Even for those of us who don’t follow the straight and narrow. 😉



4 responses to “Coming Out Does Get Better

  1. I honestly can’t wait until the world becomes more accepting of people for who they really are. Our generation has been really progressive in that. (: It’s nice to see improvements like this.

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