Getting started

Mostly, I’m bored. But, there’s also this desperation to be relevant which has prompted me to cast my thoughts into The Etherweb in order to find out if others find them interesting enough to read.

The idea of writing for the pleasure of strangers has always seemed odd to me. I read, of course. But, I always thought it was egotistical for someone to think that her/his thoughts were so important and interesting that they should be broadcast for the masses. I guess that my ego has finally come of age.

Anyway. I have spent the last three minutes trying to decide what my first contribution to the blogosphere will be about. And, the winner is…

PUPPIES!!!! Or, rather, my puppy. Cause everyone loves a puppy, right?

This is Callie. She’s my six-month old basset/golden/monster mix and she’ll be with us for the duration.



3 responses to “Getting started

  1. Welcome to the ambivalent bloggers club, I’m glad your ego’s come of age. Keep sharing, you write beautifully about things that impact so many. I look forward to reading more!

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